Kerry & Stefanie - Wedding Part 1

Kerry & Stefanie got married on the pier in Hecla Island. It was an overcast day that turned into rain just before the ceremony. Everyone was really good about it and pulled out their umbrellas and the ceremony went on. It was a wonderful ceremony and it was a real privilege to be there.
After the ceremony they lead me to few of their favorite spots around Hecla Island. We spent the most time at the Quarry but visited the lighthouse, the general store and we even found a field to take some shot with Kerry's truck. They definitely made the most of the day and were not afraid to get wet or dirty to get the shots they wanted.
It was a perfect day despite the rain and we got a ton of amazing shots.

Thanks for allowing me to be apart of your day!


Kerry & Stefanie - Wedding Part 2


Bryce & Lee-Anne's Wedding - Part 1

I have to apologize to Bryce & Lee-Anne for the delay of posting their wedding images. I was hoping to get a slideshow up of their wedding but it hasn’t worked out so far. We did however end up with a beautiful day for their wedding, and it was especially important since the ceremony was out doors at the Leo Mol gardens. It was a wonderful ceremony and we got some really great images in the garden. Bryce arranged to have some very classy cars to drive around town and we got some really cool shoots driving thought downtown. It was one of those days that flew by and you wish you had more time. I was stunned when we headed back to Bryce’s parents place and found one of the most beautifully decorated tent reception that I have ever photographed.

Thanks for a great day!


Bryce & Lee-Anne's Wedding - Part 2


Andrew & Galilea - e.Session

On Monday I had a wonderful time photographing Andrew & Galilea. They were great to work with and seemed to really enjoy our time together. They choose to have their e.Session out at Leo Mol Gardens and with the threat of thundershowers all day I wasn’t sure we would end up shooting there. It worked out great, the rain held off and there were very few people in the gardens. With the gardens to ourselves we wasted no time and I tried to photograph in as many different locations as possible. We got a ton of images and I know they will be very pleased with them.

Thanks and I am looking forward to photographing your wedding.



Chris & Amber's Wedding - Part 1

A day that started out with rain turned into a gorgeous sunny day. The ceremony was out a Pineridge Hollow, which was a beautiful location. We focused on shooting out in a farmer’s field, the Exchange District and the King’s Head pub.
Amber was an amazingly photogenic bride. She was always anticipating the next shot and ready to look at the camera. We ended up with some wonderful shots; my favorite images came from the old red barn.
I had a great time working with Chris and Amber and even though I spent a whole day with them, I wished we could have had a few more hours to get even more images.

Thanks for the privilege of photographing your wedding.


Chris & Amber's Wedding - Part 2


Ryan & Xuan's Wedding

It was a great day with Ryan and Xuan. I was very excited leading up to their wedding, as we had so much fun during their e.Session.
They had a traditional Chinese wedding in the morning, then in the afternoon Xuan changed dresses and we headed out for a “regular” wedding. They were so great to work with and they tried everything that was suggested, and in the end we ended up with some amazing images. One of the highlights in the day was when I was able to convince Xuan to climb over a fence into a field out at Breezy Bend Country Club. It opened up to a wonderful location to shoot.
I had an amazing day and it truly was a privilege to photograph their wedding.