Kris & Laura's Wedding - Part 1

This past weekend I had the privilege of photographing Kris & Laura’s wedding up at Clear Lake. Laura's dress was amazing, she designed it herself and brought it with her from Australia. Growing up Laura spent many summers up at Clear Lake, so it was a very special place for her to get married. We had good weather, which was a huge bonus since the ceremony was right on the beach. We got a ton of images in a short amount of time. They both were very photogenic, especially Laura, she was always looking for the camera. By the end of the weekend I felt that I had known Kris & Laura for years, and wished we had more time together.

Thanks for everything!


Kris & Laura's Wedding - Part 2


Lost in Transmission

Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to photograph Lost in Transmission. They're a great bunch of guys - really great to photograph, with an added bonus that my brother–in-law is in the band. We had a bunch of ideas but since it was raining throughout the day we ditched them and headed downtown. We found some really neat spots and used the rain and puddles to our advantage. They also allowed me some time to set up my remote flashes to do some experimental shots. In a short time we got a ton of images that I know the band will love, and maybe they'll make the cut for Lost in Transmission's next disc.

Thanks guys, I had a great night



Andrew & Galilea's Wedding - Part 1

It was a lot of fun photographing Andrew & Galilea's wedding. They had decided that they wanted the majority of their photographs at the Basilica and the Millennium Center. Anyone who knows me knows that I love shooting at the Millennium Center. We were able to shoot on 3 of the 5 floors and came away with some really cool shots. One of Andrew & Galilea's ideas was on the second floor; they wanted everyone dancing around them while they stood still. It turned out amazing and I know they will really love this shot.
They also had me stay for the reception. I got some really great shots during the speeches, their first dance and many other events during the night. By the end of the night I really felt like I got to know them quite well.

Thanks for a great day!


Andrew & Galilea's Wedding - Part 2