e.Session - Jodi & Tyler

This session was special to me since Jodi is my sister. We got some exciting news before Christmas when we heard that Jodi and Tyler were engaged, although it wasn't a big surprise since they have been dating for 7 years. Tyler was excited to get out and get some engagement shots done, while my sister didn't quite see the point. I assured her that we would get some really great shots and that she would be glad to have engagement photographs. Tyler was a student at Red River College and it's a location they both like, so once again I was off to the downtown campus. We took our time with different types of shots and locations, and it wasn't long until they were quite comfortable in front of the camera. After the shoot I knew there was a ton of great images, but I wondered if Jodi would think the engagement session had been worth it. In the end they both loved the images and couldn't believe how well they had turned out.
Since I'm going to be their wedding photographer it was nice to nice to break the ice with the engagement shoot and I'm really looking forward to their big day.


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