Red River College

A few months ago I did a photo shoot with one of the Red River College welding classes. I was asked to shoot different images that would end up on the side of their semi-trailers. The concept was to make it look like you could see inside these "mobile work stations". Since I delivered the images to the RRC graphic designers to edit as needed, I hadn't seen the finished product. Last week I was at the Notre Dame campus doing another photo shoot when I noticed the trailers parked next to the building I was in. It was really cool to see how everything came together and to see my images that large.
Here are a few pictures of those trailers.


e.Session - Canda & Steve

It had been number of months since I had last met with Canda and Steve but it was great to see them again and spend the afternoon photographing them. We photographed all over the Exchange district but one of the highlights was sweet-talking our way onto a Ferris wheel. It took a few minutes to persuade one of the workers to allow us to take a spin, but once we were on we made the most of it. Another highlight was having the time to wander around the Millennium Centre and finding some new locations that I had never photographed before. We really lucked out in one spot as the sun was shining through the window, giving me some really dramatic light to work with. I want to thank Canda and Steve for allowing me to try some new (and maybe slightly crazy) ideas.

Thanks for a great afternoon and I can't wait for your wedding down at Clear Lake this summer.



Invitations & Petal Blue Designs

I just received a wedding invitation from friends of ours, Ashleigh and Peter. I will be shooting their wedding down at Victoria Beach in June. These invitations turned out amazing, and they were created by Petal blue Design. You can get more info on them at www.petalbluedesigns.com. I just thought I would post some images of the invitations so you can see how great they look.

Till next time,



Lost in Transmission

On Saturday night Meagan and I headed out to watch Lost in Transmission. Meagan's brother is in the band so we went to lend our support as they continue to grow their fan base. It was a lot of fun to get out and photograph them playing a live show. The lighting was pretty poor, but I made the best of it with my remote flashes so that I could control the light on stage. I was able to get some good shots and I think LIT will be pretty pleased with the outcome.

Hopefully this will be the start of keeping the blog a bit more up to date.