Ashleigh & Peter - e.Session

Last night I meet up with Ashleigh & Peter in the Exchange District. I love shooting down there; I'm amazed that no matter how often you're there you can always find something different. I had been eyeing up a few new places and I decided it was time to try them out. Ashleigh & Peter were troopers as we pretty much covered the entire Exchange District, but it was well worth it after seeing the shots we got. One of my highlights was setting up a portable studio light in a tunnel. With this I was able to get beautiful light in a place where you couldn't normally photograph. One other moment that stands out is when the sun broke through a couple of the buildings. It gave great backlight and allowed us to get some beautiful images.
I had an awesome evening and look forward to their wedding out at Victoria Beach this summer.



Sydnee & Scott - e.Session

A few months ago Sydnee got in touch with me to photograph her wedding. It had been years since I last saw her (we went to school together when we were kids) so I was really looking forward to shooting Sydnee & Scott's e.Session. I had come up with a great new spot to shoot and was super excited about the day. I arrived a bit early to make sure everything was still ok... Fortunately there was a change of plans - yes, I said fortunately. The change of plans forced me to scramble a bit to find another location but it turned out amazingly. Near by there happened to be a big pile of busted up concrete and an old barn right beside each other. We got a ton of shots there, each with its own feel. We then went to Harbour View to pull out Sydnee's retro bike and get some really neat shots of the two of them riding the bike. It was pretty obvious that Scott hadn't doubled anyone since his childhood since he had a few close calls with Sydnee on the front.

Thanks, I had a great evening and I was thrilled to photograph you guys!



Pam & Brent - e.Session

On Saturday I was once again out in Headingly after delaying our e.Session by one week due to the very unpredictable weather this sping. It was well worth the wait and Pam and Brent were up for anything. We went all over the place, starting in the bush, moving on to the train tracks and then making our way to a set of old stables. We kind of stumbled across them and headed in. It was unbelievably dirty and most girls would have hesitated going in, but since Pam grew up on the farm the only hesitation was by Brent and I. The light was a bit sparse, but we got some really interesting and romantic shots. Afterwards we headed out to Pam's parents' farm to shoot a little more. I was warmly welcomed and took some pictures of the 10 new puppies, and of course Pam's horse. To top the day off we headed up to the hay loft and got some really great shots there.
I had a great time and I'm looking forward to the wedding!



Textures + Images

One of the new trends that is emerging in photography is adding textures to photographs. This adds another dimension to the images and makes for some really neat effects. Here are a few images with the before and after. These images have been enhanced using a brown paper bag and some other minor tweaks.