Monday night Meagan and I drove up to Faith Bible Camp to see Stephan get baptized. Stephan has been in our sunday school class for the past two years and it was great to see him publicly declare his faith in Jesus Christ on the beach.


Stephanie & the Kids

I was out just past Dugald, Manitoba to photograph Stephanie and the kids before they moved out east. Unfortunately Don was unable to make it as he moved early to get the house ready for the family. We had a great time even though a few misquotes almost carried the kids away. The girls had so much energy and they were amazing to work with. It was a real honor to photograph them on their property knowing these images are what the girls will look back at for their memories of living in Manitoba.



Marion & Daniel's Wedding

I had a great time photographing Marion & Daniel on Saturday. I met up with the girls first at Marion's sister's house, then we went on to the Legislative building. With the weather as bad as it was on Saturday, it seemed like there was a dozen wedding parties there. We still managed to get some great shots though. Because they didn't want to see each other before the wedding, the girls left and then the guys met me at the Legislative building. We didn't spend too much time there and soon headed off to get some espresso. Daniel took us to this cool little Italian place where we spent the rest of the time with the guys. Everyone met up for the ceremony and then afterwards we headed to RRC on Princess. We found some really neat places around the campus and then it was off to Inn at the Forks for the party. It was beautifully decorated and the cupcakes looked so delicious.

Thanks again,



Last night Meagan and I just went for a drive and ended up on River road. It's a beautiful road that follows the river from Lockport back to Winnipeg. Along the way I spotted this wheat field so we stopped to take a few pictures. I saw a lot of neat places that would be great for an e.Session, so I hope that this sparks some interest to head out there one time.



Tara & Selby's Wedding

After a quick night's sleep I was off to Tara's house in the morning to get some shots of her and the girls getting ready. Afterwards we met up with all the guys at the Legislative building. The light was awesome in a couple spots and we got some really cool images. The whole wedding was amazing, especially seeing all the different colors that everyone was wearing. Tara and Selby even managed to fly in a Bishop from India to perform their wedding ceremony. We finished off the day at Assiniboine Park and then headed off to the reception. It was a wonderful day and I was thrilled to have been apart of it.




Tara & Selby - late night e.Session

On Friday night I meet Tara & Selby at the Basilica. We did their first e.Session this past Christmas and they wanted another session the night before their wedding, wearing their traditional East Indian clothing. It was really cool to photograph the Basilica at night rather than during the day. The lights were really neat to work with and I also used my remote flashes as well. I was very pleased to see how these images turned out and know they will love them.



Kyle & Tessa - Grad '08

Last week I was down on Waterfront Drive photographing Kyle & Tessa before their grad. I haven't photographed a lot down there, so it was nice to try out some fresh ideas. I spent about and hour with them, but we made sure to take some shots with their parents and siblings. At one point we came across a photo shoot for Ciao! magazine, and they were asked to be in the shoot. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the next issue to see if they made the cut. After that we headed to the Legislative building and caught up with a bunch of their friends. I had a great time and they were a lot of fun to work with.