Sydnee & Scott's wedding

On Saturday I photographed in a location that I never would have imagined I’d be in. Both Syndee & Scott are lifeguards and actually met while life-guarding. When we first discussed the idea over a year ago, they really wanted a few shots of them at the pool and I thought it was a really cool idea. Two weeks before the wedding we found out that the pool was going to be drained. This turned out to be an amazing opportunity and we were able to climb into the pool and photograph in the deep end. I had a great time capturing their wedding day and I am so pleased with how their images turned out.



Hayley & Scott - e.Session

This week I met Hayley and Scott out at Victoria Beach where they live for the summer months. As I pulled up I was greeted with big warm smiles and an extra bike for me. We headed to Hayley's parents' cottage, but of course I had to stop a few times on the way as I found some really neat places to photograph. Once we arrived at her cottage we headed out through their backyard and onto the beach. We all got a bit wet; they were standing & running in the water, while I ended up laying almost flat on my back in the water to get some pretty cool shots. I had such a great time and they were wonderful to work with, I'm really looking forward to their wedding in May.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your summer!



Sherry, Abe & the kids

Abe & Sherry live in Columbus, Ohio but they were in town for a short short visit with family. Sherry had contacted me well in advance making sure that I would be around to photograph them at the park. It was a lot of fun and the boys had more than enough energy for all of us. I ended up alternating between family shots and racing around the park photographing the boys. As it turned out we finished just before the rain came.



Pam & Brent's wedding

We started the day off at The Hotel Fort Garry and then we traveled mainly in the downtown area. Pam & Brent were very relaxed and so easy to work with. We made sure to get some shots on Esplanade Riel as that was their favorite spot, but the images that are my favorite came at the end of the day, at the Legislative building. I know I often talk about the light, but the sun was behind us and created beautiful conditions.
Thanks for a great day!