Mia & Terence - Family Session

After our first session was cancelled due to a cold and rainy day, I hoped we would get a better day later on with Mia and Terence. As it turned out it was still a little rainy but we made the most of it. I thought it would be cool to do a family session down in the Exchange, and I think it worked out great. The kids were so much fun and I managed to get some shots of them with just a regular smile as they couldn't stop making goofy faces for the camera. Afterwards we headed to the Forks to rewards the kids with some hot chocolate.

Thanks for a great afternoon,


I love this series - Terence thought it would be a great idea to do "cheers" with his daughter. You can see at first he looks a little nervous, then thinks he's in the clear, but soon realizes it maybe wasn't the best idea.

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toni said...

Wow! Gorgeous shots!