Jeremy & Claire - e.session in Dublin

While we were in Dublin, I got the chance to do an e.session for Jeremy and Claire. They are friends of our friend, Leonard, and they're getting married this coming summer. I love shooting in a new location and Dublin City offered so many different and interesting spots to photograph in. The history in the city is amazing. Jeremy and Claire felt right at home in front of the camera and I think you can tell how in love they really are.

Thanks for a truly unique and fun experience!


e.Session gets published

Way back in the spring of 2008 I did an e.Session with Canda & Steve. Weddings in Winnipeg just published their story and images for the "real wedding story" section of the magazine. It can also be viewed online @ www.weddingsinwinnipeg.ca

They have a great story so check it out!



Touring Ireland - Part 3

This will be quick as it's late and Aaron kept us up all night last night. The first few images were taken at Torc waterfall. It was a beautiful place to photograph and we really enjoyed walking around in the surrounding park.

We went up to "Lady's View", nearby Torc Waterfall, to have a picnic. The scenery was amazing but it was a little cooler higher up in the hills.

I've been amazed by the speed limits allowed in Ireland. It seemed almost like they were daring you to try reaching the posted speed on the crazy roads.

We went up to the Dingle Peninsula at sunset and I was able to take these quick shots before the sun went down. I love the colours you can get with this kind of light. It was really beautiful to see the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean.

Just one more crazy speed limit sign on a one lane, two-way traffic, road.


Touring Ireland - Part 2

It has taken me a while to get this next section of images up as it seems like we have been traveling non-stop, seeing as much as we can. The Cliffs of Moher were amazing to see. If you look real close you can actually see people on top of the cliffs; that should give you come perspective on how big they actually are. You used to be able to go right up to the edge and Meagan actually has a photo of a younger her peeking over the edge of the cliff, but unfortunitly due to common sense they do not let you do this anymore.
The next set of images were taken at a well. This is where people would bring pictures, momentos anything really from loved ones that had passed away. You can't really tell from these images but it was actually pretty dark, damp and a little eerie.
The last few images are from Bunratty Castle. This was really cool to see a fully restored castle, dungeon and all. I always pictured castles as this grand place and an amazing location to live, that view point has now changed and I am very grateful I do not have to live in a castle! It was still really cool to see but it was not built for a person of my height.

There are still plenty to come so enjoy!



Touring Ireland - Part 1

On Sunday we started our tour of southern Ireland with Meagan's dad as our guide. We started out by heading to Drewstown House where Meagan used to go to camp as a child. It is an old manor house located by a small lake. Queen Victoria once visited it during her time. Summer camp in Ireland is a little different from what I'm used to!

Swans are found in the wild all over Ireland. At one point we even passed a harbour with about 50 swans all swimming in the ocean.

On Sunday night we arrived in Galway City, located on the west coast of Ireland. It was a really beautiful town with great pedestrian areas to walk around in. I had the best seafood here for dinner: fresh oysters and salmon. I couldn't believe how many pubs there were in one area, and they were all full!


Ireland - an afternoon in Dublin

This is just a quick post as it's late and I'm still feeling the effects of jet lag. Today Meagan and I toured around Dublin with our friend Lenonard. Len lives in Dublin so we had our own local guide for the afternoon. We stopped by Bono's house but he didn't have time for us today, however the last image is of his front gate and that's as close as we got.

There will be more to come over the next few weeks.