Sam & Kevin's Wedding

I truly enjoy photographing each wedding throughout the year but it's always fun when you know the couple and the people in the wedding party. Meagan and I have volunteered at camp for several years now and we've gotten to know Sam and Kevin through being there. That's also how they met each other! They've been dating for a long time and it was so nice to see them finally able to tie the knot.

Sam is an organized bride! Not in a bridezilla kind of way, just in an organized and precise kind of way. Everything was well thought-out and this meant that things ran very smoothly on the wedding day and she was able to be an extremely relaxed and laid-back bride. The wedding really reflected Sam & Kevin as a couple and I think that's exactly how it should be.

Although it didn't rain on Saturday, the humidity was really high so we enjoyed a lot of indoor locations, just to keep everyone looking fresh. Sam & Kevin's wedding was at the Fort Garry Hotel and this suited them perfectly since they're a pretty stylish couple! I love the vintage feel of that place and there are so many different locations to photograph in. The girls looked stunning and we got a lot of their shots in before the ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed to the Hamilton Building. Although this spot isn't large, it offers a pretty spectacular environment and it's one of Winnipeg's many beautiful heritage buildings that offer great indoor locations for your wedding day. Afterwards we headed to the Exchange District and the Legislative grounds to do some outdoor shots. Kevin really enjoyed driving around in the BMW convertible so I don't think he minded moving from location to location, even if it was a tight fit for somebody of his height!

Everyone was mindful of rain on Saturday because thunderstorms were forecasted, but in the end we didn't have to worry about a thing. Just as the reception began the rain clouds let loose, but it didn't matter anymore. Meagan and I really enjoyed being at the reception, listening to some great speeches and dancing with friends.

It was a wonderful day, you guys. Thanks for letting us be involved in this special way and I hope you enjoy the shots!



Miranda & Derek - e.Session

I have photographed many couples over the last few years, and there's always something unique and special about each photo shoot that I love... In this case, I think Miranda & Derek are one of the most photogenic couples I've ever worked with, even though they are convinced that they're not. It's pretty easy to make your images look great when these guys are the subjects!

Most of my communication with Miranda & Derek has been through email since they live out of town during most of the year, so it was really nice to spend some time with them last night and get to know them as a couple. They are great people; the e.Session was awesome and I'm really looking forward to their wedding in July. It was so easy to see the love between them and I had the privilege of capturing it through the art of photography.

We did most of the shoot at The Forks... a great Winnipeg landmark that will remind them of home when they're away from Manitoba. The e.Session finished off with a little of the Exchange District. We had an awesome night with beautiful weather, despite all the forecasts leading up to it.

Looking forward to July!



Nicole & Chris's e.Session

I met Nicole for the first time in November at the Grand Wedding Showcase held by Weddings in Winnipeg. She was so friendly and laid back right from the get-go and I knew it would be fun to photograph her and her fiance. What I didn't know right away is that her fiance, Chris, was someone I had grown up with at the same church.

After a previous cancellation due to rain, we were worried we wouldn't be able to do the e.Session again when it poured for the whole day on Monday. However, it stopped about an hour before-hand and we ended up having a beautiful evening. I have a feeling we're going to have to learn to live with rain this season!

Chris and Nicole were so fun to work with. They are an energetic couple that just seems really, really happy. In fact, you won't see many serious shots below because they were few and far between... it was hard to get Nicole to stop smiling! They were enthusiastic about everything and I love working with people who have such great attitudes.

Mark Hiebert from Epic Videography came out to shoot the e.Session so stay tuned for an upcoming video. I can't wait to see it!

I'm looking forward to Chris and Nicole's wedding. If the e.Session is any indication, it's going to be one fun day!