Lauren & Chad's Wedding

I was really excited to shoot Lauren & Chad's wedding for many different reasons. First of all, I grew up going to the same church as Chad. Secondly, I work with Lauren lots through Weddings in Winnipeg. And lastly, they are a fun and incredibly stylish couple so I knew their wedding would be simply amazing... and they didn't disappoint!

Along with my photog cohort, Jeremy Dueck, we spent the day shooting in some really fabulous locations. Lauren and her girls decided to get ready at Hair FX on Grosvenor, where they had gotten their hair done. This offered a great back-drop for the getting ready shots and, of course, Lauren's hair was really beautiful.

After that we headed to the Concert Hall to meet up with the guys and this was a really special time. I enjoyed shooting in a location that was brand new to me and it will soon be on my list of favourite Winnipeg spots; but it was also really special because I love when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. Lauren was so excited to be getting married and the images we captured of her seeing Chad were beautiful. I love those moments!

Something else I really appreciated was the care that these guys put into the details. Jeremy Dueck and I really enjoyed capturing all the little details that Lauren & Chad had thought about.

Since Chad had gotten a fabulous ride for the day (nice Jag!), I knew we needed to head into the Exchange to take some cool shots of The Couple with The Car!

Our last location of the day was out at Lauren's family farm. You may remember the e.Session we did out there last summer; I loved the images we got from that shoot! Well, this was the same place and it was really special to capture moments in such a beautiful location that was really meaningful to the couple. This is also where Lauren & Chad hosted their ceremony and these pics are still to come. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Jeremy Dueck and Krista Anderson (who came out for the ceremony) for being my talented photographer buddies! And thanks to Lauren & Chad for inviting me to be a part of their special day.

Enjoy married life, you guy!


Another Wedding Featured!

The last few weeks have been pretty nuts and now it's time to play catch-up. Sorry I haven't kept things up-to-date!

I really enjoyed photographing Shae & Tyler last August. They had a beautiful wedding out at The Gates and I was really please to see that Wedding Bells decided to feature it in their most recent issue.

Check it out!
Shae & Tyler's wedding: Country Flair


Laura & Tim's Wedding

I just love working with fun couples who are relaxed and laid back! Laura and Tim had a definite idea of what they wanted their special day to feel like and this involved a lot of quality time with their friends and family. The whole day was easy-going and so much fun because that's the way these two wanted it, and it reflected their personalities so well.

The ceremony was at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and Laura looked stunning, despite the heat and humidity! I felt bad for those guys in their suits but they didn't wilt too much. This is a really beautiful location for an outdoor ceremony. I love the intimate feeling under the arbour and the reflection over the pond.

Afterwards we spent some time shooting at the Millennium Centre, where the reception was going to be held later on in the evening. I never get tired of this location because it offers such variety. Then we headed outside to do some quick shots in the Exchange District.

Laura and Tim really wanted to have a relaxed time to hang-out with their family and friends before the reception so they booked part of the King's Head pub to meet up with everyone. Other couples I've photographed have wanted this kind of time in their wedding day too, but Laura and Tim were the first I've worked with that were so purposeful in creating this time. This allowed me such a unique opportunity to capture moments and conversations between them and the people special to them. I love these kinds of images - the ones that really reflect the relationships between people.

I had a great time with you guys and I appreciated the friendly atmosphere of the entire day. Congrats!


Hayley & Kevin - published!

I photographed Hayley & Kevin's e.Session a while ago now, but since then they've become our neighbours! We spent a beautiful evening in the Exchange District and these guys were really cute!

You can view the entire story @ http://www.weddingsinwinnipeg.ca/winnipeg/articles.php?articleId=229


e.Session Video Unveiled!

We've been working on the new website for the last little while and I can't wait to get it up and running. While thinking about the new design for the website, I decided that I wanted a more dynamic bio section and a way for people to get a feel for what it's like to work with me on the day, so I talked to Mark Hiebert (no relation... at least not that I know of!) from Epic Videography. Mark is so great to work with and I really appreciate his artistic eye and ability to capture emotion. He's been following me around lately, at my home, at the park, at an e.Session shoot, getting all sorts of footage for the new site. Well, he shared the e.Session video with me not too long ago and what can I say? He's come up with something fantastic as always!

Maybe I should've kept it for the launch of the new website, but I just couldn't wait. Check it out.

The new bio video will be coming soon and then the new website. I'll keep you posted!

Thanks to Chris and Nicole for being simply stunning subjects and wonderful people to work with. Check out their images from the shoot too: e.Session.