Jenn & Mark's e.Session

Finally it worked out to do this e.Session with Jenn and Mark! I had been looking forward to meeting up with them for a while but it was hard to get our schedules to work together, especially since Mark is really busy with med-school. In the end, we had the perfect evening for a e.Session in the fall, so everything worked out for the best.

They live in the Exchange District so it seemed perfectly natural to choose this as the location for their e.Session. It was a beautiful evening and I really enjoyed playing with the light. Both Jenn and Mark were a little nervous about doing a photo shoot to start with, but soon realized that there's nothing to it. It was good practice for their upcoming wedding.

We capped off the evening with some coffees at The Fyxx. I have to admit, there's a part of me that's a little jealous... it must be really nice to live in the midst of Winnipeg's Exchange District and to enjoy the vibe downtown.
Thanks for a great evening guys! Looking forward to the wedding.



Lauren & Adam's wedding

Again, what a perfect day for a fall wedding; Lauren and Adam couldn't have done better for their stunning outdoor ceremony. The entire day was so beautiful with lots of special moments between loved ones.

We started out at Lauren's parents' house. They have an awesome back yard where the ceremony was held, but first Lauren got ready and then met Adam on a nearby path. Always one of my favourite moments of the day.

We headed to the Leg where their families met up with us. The grounds were absolutely beautiful with all the fall colours and the light was really photographer-friendly! I love the shots beneath the trees.

Lauren's horse, Samson, has been a part of her life for a long time so she knew she wanted to do a shoot with him at Oakwood Stables. I loved the uniqueness of this; it's not every day you get to photograph a bride riding her horse! The grounds at Oakwood were really beautiful too.

In the late afternoon we headed back to Lauren's parents' house for the outdoor ceremony. It was absolutely stunning! The weather and the light were perfect.

The reception was held at the Manitoba Club, a new favourite of mine. The decor was amazing thanks to the team at Soiree Event planning. The whole evening was a lot of fun and a pleasure to shoot.

Thanks to Chris Radke and Mark Hiebert for a great day. Check out their promo video for the wedding that I posted a little while ago.

Thanks also to Lauren and Adam for involving me in the special day. Meagan and I had a really great time.



Christiane & Guenter's wedding

Christiane contacted me a little while before her wedding to talk about photography. We discussed whether she would prefer a more traditional feel to the images or a modern approach. I knew I'd have a great time photographing them when she replied that "Hollywood" would do just fine!

It was a pleasure to shoot this wedding. The love between Christiane and Guenter, and between all of their family members, was so evident. When I look at the images we captured from the day I'm glad that these emotions have been captured forever.

Thanks to Mark Hiebert for coming out to do the videography. It's always great to work together and I know you'll contribute to the "Hollywood" feel!