The Halls - Family Session

It's funny how things work out some times. August wasn't really that busy for me considering it's the middle of wedding season, however October and November were extremely busy. I really appreciated the great weather we had so late into the fall when I had so many photo shoots scheduled. Becky and I had been trying to arrange a family shoot for a while but it didn't work until November, after we got back from Ireland.

I was glad to photograph the Halls since I've know Becky and Gavin for several years and they're really great people. It's nice to be able to do portraits for friends and it was fun to work with their family. The kids had a lot of energy! We met up at St. Vital Park again and enjoyed the beautiful setting.

I have to say that even though those kids are pretty cute and I love how their portraits turned out, my favourite images are the ones of Becky and Gavin as a couple. It's nice to see parents who are surrounded by the busyness of life and energetic kids, still truly in love with each other.

Thanks for a great shoot!


The Pfeifer Family

Thank goodness the weather was so great this fall! Angie and I had been emailing back and forth for a while trying to find a day that worked for each of us, but finally we managed to pick a date for family portraits out at St. Vital Park. We were grateful that the snow held off for as long as it did. Actually, we laughed a little about the fact that we chose St. Vital as our shooting location since we all drove across the city in rush hour to reach the park for 4 o'clock. We realized after we met-up that we both live on the northern end of the city!

I had a really great time photographing this family. They obviously enjoy spending time with one another and it was really easy to capture that in my images. Some of my favourite images are the portraits of the kids with their parents because I think they reflect this feeling so well. It helps that they were a pretty photogenic group of people too!



Katrina & Trevor - e.Session

Last Christmas I really enjoyed photographing Vicki and Drew's wedding, not only because Drew is family, but because Vicki was such an amazing bride to work with. Well, I was excited when Vicki's brother, Trevor, let me know that he had gotten engaged and I was even more happy about the fact that he and Katrina wanted me to photograph their special day too. I used to be Trevor's youth leader when he was in the junior high youth group at the church we both went to... I can't believe I'm now photographing him with his fiance, all grown up!

Katrina and Trevor attend school in Saskatchewan but they were back in Winnipeg for a short visit not too long ago, so we had the opportunity to head down into the Exchange District to do the e.Session. Since their wedding will be outdoors with a more rural kind of feel, we thought it would cool to change it up a little bit for the e.Session and give this shoot an urban feel. Katrina and Trevor were both great to work with and became comfortable in front of the camera in no time. It was nice to end the afternoon off with a cup of coffee in a cozy setting.

I can't wait for the wedding next summer, you guys! I think it will be a lot of fun and I know it will be an absolutely beautiful day.