Allison & Evan - Portrait Session

Allison and Evan were another pair of brave souls who decided to do portraits in the Exchange District on a freezing cold day. I was impressed with their commitment level! A family member had given them a gift certificate for a portrait session and they decided to fit it in right before Christmas.

They've been dating for about a year and met because both of them have careers in law enforcement. Maybe that explains why they were so tough! Since their work schedules are a little bit more flexible, we were able to meet for the shoot during the morning. Even though they were game for the outdoor shoot despite the cold temperatures, I took it a little easy on them and we headed to McKim Courtyard to finish off session.

I love the way the images turned out, especially the ones of Evan giving Allison a piggy-back ride. I think they show their personalities perfectly.

Thanks guys!

Family Session at Kildonan Park

It's always nice when extended family can get together to do a photo shoot, especially when some family members are in from out of town. Shirley arranged to do this photo shoot at Kildonan Park because some of her family from Ottawa were in Winnipeg for a short time. I knew we would have to deal with the typical Winnipeg cold, but I was assured that everyone was ready and willing to brave it!

It was a fun shoot and it's obvious that this family enjoys spending time together. I especially like the portraits of the grandchildren with their grandmother and I know these are the kinds of images that will be treasured for years to come.



Stephanie & Garth's Wedding

I have been looking forward to Stephanie and Garth's wedding for many reasons, but mostly because I'm just so happy for them! Meagan and I were thrilled when they got engaged and I don't think I know two people more suited for each other. I've also been looking forward to their wedding because I knew it would be beautiful and interesting, reflecting their unique tastes. The "non-traditional wedding" didn't disappoint!

The whole photo shoot was spent at St. Norbert Arts Centre, the venue for both the ceremony and reception. This made for a relaxing and fun time for the wedding party and for Garth and Stephanie. The light and the weather were perfect and it was a beautiful winter wedding day. It was fun to traipse around in the snow with the couple to find different spots around the centre.

The day ended with an intimate and personal ceremony, followed by the reception. Stephanie and Garth had worked for months to develop a decor that suited their style and everything came together wonderfully. Who knew birds and buttons could create such cool centrepieces? This couple did! Their non-traditional wedding ceremony took place with candles lit all around and included many meaningful moments and blessings from their friends and family. We ended the evening with some great food with friends and Stephanie and Garth dancing the night away.

Congrats guys! Meagan and I are very happy for you both and we're so glad we could be involved in your special day.